Cookie Policy

Cookies are small, simple text files that online shops like temporarily store in your web-browser in order to make essential services function efficiently. The only cookies used by are ones that facilitate the basic functionality of essential services like our internal shopping-basket (WooCommerce) and external payments system (PayPal). does not share any of the information stored in its cookies with any other external third party and neither does it host cookies from any third party.

You can configure your browser settings to not accept cookies, but you would soon find it difficult to do any online shopping (or use a whole range of other standard online services). Indeed, cookies such as those used by are so basic and essential to the operation of the internet as a whole that current applicable law (EU/UK/Scotland) does not actually require a website to gain its users’ consent for using them (although we decided to err on the side of caution).

More about what cookies are, and how to control the way your browser handles them, can be found at the UK Information Commisioner’s Office page on Cookies.